New Express readers to vote for “Eight Sights” of Guangzhou


New Express, November 23, 2010

The New Express, based in Guangzhou, announced a competition for setting the new “Eight Sights” of Guangzhou. It was launched to coincide with the Asian Games, and now the decisions are near. The last time that the “Eight Sights” of Guangzhou was declared was 2002. It included Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River. The new campaign, which lists historical sites places like Lychee Bend (荔枝湾), has explored parts of the city that are worth mentioning, asking athletes competing in the Asian Games to vote. The title of the front page applauds the newspaper’s own competition saying that Famous people give power to choosing eight new sights.

By famous people New Express means the Party Secretary of Guangdong’s Jinan University (暨南大学), who said that “Because of the Asian Games, Guangzhou really is more beautiful” and fully endorses the paper’s aspiration to pick new sights.

The newspaper used 给力 for “give power” in the headline, as the phrase that first started on the internet as a meme has recently exploded with popularity amongst newspapers.

On the lower half of the page is a juxtaposition of 110m hurdler Liu Xiang (刘翔) with Lao Yi (劳义), who won gold for the 100m race at the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

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