Kobe Bryant starts bilingual blog on Sina.com


NBA megastar Kobe Bryant has launched his own site under Sina’s sport channel.

Kobe announced this move wearing a maroon Chinese top in L.A on Thursday.

Within the site is his bilingual blog, and the first post appeared at 6:28am this morning.

Kobe’s post begins like this:


Hey everyone in China, this is Kobe! I am really excited to have my own Chinese blog with SINA. I feel this blog really gives me the chance to connect directly with all of you - my Chinese fans. It’s kinda like staying close to you while I can not be in China right now in person because of the NBA Season. Through my blog, I look forward to getting to know all of you better, and for you to learn more about me.

There were 102,709 views and 4,081 comments at the time of writing.

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