Advertising some prime real estate in Fuzhou


Fuzhou Evening News, February 26, 2010

An ad acts as a wrapper of the Fuzhou Evening News. The real estate advert is for a Wanda Plaza in Fuzhou, and the title reads “Quality refurbished SOHO: a new work unit will be launched soon.”

The news headline at the top, however, states that Fujian’s university entrance exams guide has been completed, and in bold: “A wrong character in an essay and the maximum number of marks deducted is 5.”

On closer inspection the real front page, also with the paper’s masthead appears on the next page.

It turns out that the real front page is a breakdown of the changes made to the scoring criteria for different categories of the university entrance exam. Most of it is pedantic: for testing English vocabulary - 60 of the 600 words that last year needed to be “understood” (理解) this year has been changed to “grasped” (掌握).

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