The return of Bill

Two good new China blogs by one very smart and apparently underemployed blogger:

Bill Bishop, known to Twitter users as niubi, is a savvy commentator on American financial woes, and Chinese business, Internet and politics. He is blogging again, and back with two blogs:


A blog about Internet and digital media in China. Post worth reading: Will the investment ever stop flowing into Chinese video sites?, a bearish look at the prospects of Youku, Tudou and other private companies and investments in China’s online video space.

If you are interested in online video in China, see also this press release on Yahoo: Baidu online video company to receive $50 million investment from Providence Equity Partners


From Bishop’s own introduction:

I already blog at Digicha about Digital Media and the Internet in China and wanted a different forum to discuss broader issues related to China, hence this blog. I did my undergraduate and graduate work in Chinese economics (it was much simpler in those days) and politics before stumbling into digital media. “Sinocism”, while not a real word, evokes how I feel about China; on the hand I love a lot about the country, and am always impressed by what goes on here; on the other hand I am skeptical of much of the hype in the current mass discourse related to China. I hope that through this blog I can provide some useful and original insight.

Post worth reading: What is behind the New York Times’ inaccurate headline of their story on the eviction of Beijing artists?.

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