At 13.09 seconds, Liu Xiang returns as the king


Southern Metropolis Daily, November 25, 2010

Today’s papers are splashed with Liu Xiang’s victory — and third gold medal — yesterday at the Asian Games. The 110m hurdler had limped out of the 2008 Olympics and was heralded a champion and a king after he successfully beat his opponents with the Asian Games record of 13.09 seconds.

The Southern Metropolis Daily goes with an animated picture of Liu, together with the characters for Guangzhou and a Nike logo. The China gold medal count is at 173 as of yesterday, which is more than the last Asian Games.

The main headline of the paper denotes that any plans to change the price of gas has been deferred by the Guangdong Price Bureau, after Guangdong citizens are worried about rising prices following what have happened in other cities.

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