Edgy Chinese blog host Bullog.cn shut down by Net Nanny


Access to Bullog.cn this afternoon ‘Failed to Connect’

Bullog.cn (牛博网), popular Chinese blog host started by Luo Yonghao, appears to have been shut down this afternoon.

Bullog is described by many as edgy and carries the blogs of outspoken bloggers such as Wen Yunchao (‘Bei Feng’), Ran Yunfei (which was blocked at the end of last year) and widely-read columnist Lian Yue.

Lao Luo’s MSN status reads this afternoon: ‘Bullog has been shut down. Lao Luo and Huang Bin are both feeling calm.”

This seems to be the latest move in the recent Internet ‘cleanse’ carried out by the Net Nanny.

Fatianxia.com, the Chinese law blog provider was shut down temporarily late last year, then resumed, but was eventually eternally ‘harmonized.’

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