Harmonious Asian Games means no emergencies


“”Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia” is the motto of this year’s Asian Games, which begin on November 12 in Guangzhou.

To ensure that Guangzhou itself remains harmonious, one community has announced new fines on the use of 110, the emergency police hotline, by migrants during the course of the games:


To all tenants:

In answer to the spirit of “building harmony to welcome the Asian Games,” and according to the wishes of the Dashi Transient Population Rental Management Service Center, all transient residents of Dashi Street are requested to refrain from dialing 110 during the period of the Asian Games. (One use draws a fine of 500 RMB, twice a fine of 1,000 RMB, and so on.) If you have the need, please dial:

Dashi Police Station: 020-84783027 or

Dashi Security Squad: 020-84785533 or

Dashan Police Commission: 020-39931632

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