‘Universal values’ editor removed

According to activist group Reporters San Frontiers, Chang Ping (长平), the deputy editor of Southern Metropolis Daily (南方都市报) [so says the RSF notice; he’s listed as deputy editor on the masthead of Southern Metropolis Weekly (南都周刊)] has been removed from his posts after publishing editorials about Tibet.

There is more about the debate in China about the editorials in this Danwei article: The Internet wages war on the liberal media. Chang Ping became the target of an online campaign as well as a fiery editorial by Mei Ninghua (梅宁华), president of the Beijing Daily Group and vice-chair of the All-China Journalists Association.

This is not the first time that Chang has been purged from a Southern Media Group publication: In 2001, he was removed from his position as deputy editor of Southern Weekly (南方周末).

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