Men’s Health magazine repackages 1Q84


Men’s Health‘s 1Q84 reincarnation

Ever thought about what the relationship between a commercially successful magazine such as Men’s Health (男人健康) and Haruki Murakami’s latest work 1Q84 is? No? Well someone at Men’s Health have, because their August issue came with a photographic version of the 1Q84 story - with fashion models and singers posing as the central characters: Aomame (青豆), Tengo (天吾) and Fukaeri (ふかえり or 深田绘里子).

Anomame is played by Sitar Tan (谭维维), a finalist of Super Girls 2006, and Murakami’s quintessential male lead is played by Liao Fan (廖凡), an actor trained at the Shanghai Academy of Drama, and who starred in 2008’s Ocean Flame (一半海水一半火焰) adapted from Wang Shuo’s (王朔) novel.

This version is a massive plot spoiler and most of the scenes are acted out with high drama. Obviously there are differences, the most obvious one being that this version accentuates the fashion angle.

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