Google, Baidu, Sina, QQ “vulgar and unhealthy”


Searching Baidu images

China has announced a list of websites criticized for “low and vulgar practices on the Internet” as part of the latest Net Nanny campaign.

China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center (中国互联网违法和不良信息举报中心), under the Internet Society of China, has announced a list of websites which contain “large amounts of low and vulgar content that violates social morality and damages the physical and mental health of youths.”

Each website listed is annotated with either a remark that the website had been given a notice, but didn’t take effective action to clean up its content, or that it did not quickly delete newly added vulgar and low content.

Google and Baidu were both censured for not taking effective action, while all the other websites on the list did not quickly delete offensive content.

This campaign is very similar to countless content cleansing campaigns over the past few years. It does not signify much except that the Net Nanny is making sure everyone knows who is boss before the Chinese New Year starts.

1. Google’s ‘web page search’ and ‘image search.’ The results show many links to obscene and pornographic websites.

2. Baidu’s forums and spaces contain large numbers of low and vulgar photographs, and some sections have obscene and pornographic content. The ‘webpage search’ within ‘Baidu search’ yields results that contain many links to obscene and pornographic websites.

3. Sina’s photo album and blog columns.

4. Sohu’s photo albums, blog columns, and Internet forums’ images section.

5. Tengxun’s Sousou (search) images, photo album columns, and personal spaces.

6. Netease’s photo album column.

7. Chinaren community’s ‘Tietie Tutu (images).’

8.Zhongsou’s community section.

9. Mop’s images ‘pretty girls’ (漂亮 MM) section.


The front page of ‘Images’ at download site

10. Open V‘s videos from its ‘shared users channel.’

11. Vodone‘s videos from its sport channel.

12. Tianya community section’s ‘photo albums’, and Tianya forums.

13. Youjiu’s ‘pretty girl channel.’

14. Yesky‘s ‘beautiful girls’ and ‘stars’ photos’ in its image database, and the ‘netizens self-portrait’ and ‘beautiful girls’ section in the hot pictures forum.

15. The ‘hot girls pictures’ section in the forums of Hefei Hotline website.

16. Tiexue‘s ‘pretty girls pictures’ section has large amounts of vulgar pictures.

17. 131 game site has a ‘pretty girls channel’ which contains large numbers of low and vulgar photos.

18. Sogua‘s ‘photo channel’ in its information section, and the ‘crazy self-portraits,’ ‘stars’ photos,’ ‘pretty girls,’ in the albums section all contain large numbers of low and vulgar pictures.

19. Kuaiche‘s (快车网) ‘images channel’ contains large amounts of low and vulgar images.


The CIIIRC demanded that these websites “seriously clean up their unhealthy and vulgar content,” adding that they hope netizens will also supervise this and readily report on “illegal and unhealthy information on the Internet.”


On January 8 the CIIRC released another statement assessing the work of the nineteen websites three days after their initial report. The statement can be summarized as:

1. Websites that have cleaned up fairly good: Sina, Tiexue, Vodone.

2. Websites that have only begun and still need to keep cleaning: Google China, Sohu, QQ, Chinaren, Zhongsou, Mop, Open V, Yesky, Hefei Hotline, 131 game net, Sogua.

3. Websites that ‘have not made an effort’ to clean up vulgar content: Tianya, Baidu, Youjiu, Kuaiche, Netease.

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