Two actresses barely survive botox overdose


Beijing Youth Daily
July 9, 2009

Two Beijing actresses’ experiment with botulinum toxin type A (often called by the brand name “Botox”), a neurotoxic protein that in minute doses can be used for cosmetic treatment, backfired severely, reported today’s Beijing Youth Daily. “They barely survived.”

The actresses, identified only by the surnames Li and Zhang, recently finished shooting their latest TV drama. Zhang had received successful facial injections before with no obvious side effects. This time the two of them decided to try it on their legs.

On June 11, the doctor who administered Zhang’s first facial injection gave each of them 100 units in each leg, four times as great as what Zhang was given the previous time.

Li appeared more sensitive to the drug: 20 minutes after her injection, she felt weak in both legs and had difficulty walking. Two days later Zhang began to show similar symptoms. When they went to the doctor for advice, they were told that the chemical would metabolize completely within 21 days after the injection.

The treatment prescribed by the doctor did not help, and they began to experience blurred vision, difficulty with eating and breathing, and speech loss. When they were rushed to the hospital on the 28th, Li was already unconscious. Fortunately, they responded well to the hemoperfusion and hormone treatment.

As the newspaper went to press, Li was already able to drink liquids.

Gaokao news continued today with a ceremony marking entry into adulthood that was held at Beijing’s Confucius Temple for the two students who scored highest on this year’s college entrance exam. Beijing Youth Daily used a photo of that event on the front page.

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