Shenzhen Special Economic Zone celebrates 30 years


Southern Metropolis Daily, September 7, 2010

Yesterday, Hu Jintao celebrated thirty years since Shenzhen turned from a sleepy fishing village to a booming Special Economic Zone. China Daily reports:

“The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ) created a miracle in the world’s history of industrialization, urbanization and modernization, and has contributed significantly to China’s opening up and reform,” Hu said during a visit to the southern city, which borders Hong Kong.

The headline on the front page of the Southern Metropolis Daily is Hu Jintao: Central government supports SEZ’s brave exploration. On other front pages of the day, a new slogan has appeared, “Have the courage to transform, to innovate. Never fossilize, never stagnate (勇于变革、勇于创新、永不僵化、永不停滞).”

The rest of the Southern Metropolis Daily deals with regional issues such as controls on cars on the streets of Guangzhou.

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