Spot the newspaper that reported the Nanjing factory explosion


Modern Express, July 29, 2010

Reporting around the explosion in a plastics factory in Nanjing has been patchy. The factory, which has been called a “time bomb” before a gas leak killed 12, was in newspapers in the former capital today.

Modern Express is a Xinhua-run commercial newspaper. Today a black cover points to the explosion in Nanjing, and about how it is testing its people. However, no other major newspaper in the city had the explosion in a featured position on the front page.

The Yangtse Evening Post went with the time allocated for National day holidays and the Pakistan airplane crash;

The Oriental Guardian goes with the anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake, and the government organ Nanjing Daily with a small side banner about the explosion being under control;

The Xinhua Daily (not affiliated with the Xinhua News Agency) marks the ninth ‘double support’ model city commendation ceremony, and mentions the explosion in a small piece at the bottom of the page.

Tip from Media Wang’s Sina microblog.

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