Li Ao’s son enrolls in Peking University


Shanxi Evening News, September 2, 2010

Yesterday marked the start of the school year. Today, many front pages show students - Shanxi Evening News featured the son of Li Ao (李敖), the Taiwanese political commenter, novelist and essayist, who had enrolled in Peking University.

Li Ao is a political activist who was instrumental in campaigning for the democratization of Taiwan. Now, he criticizes both parties and had many books banned. His program on Phoenix TV, Li Ao Wants to Talk (李敖有话说) is a popular political program.

Li Kan (李戡), his son, made headlines recently for choosing to study at Peking University rather than in Taiwan. Li Kan was born in 1992 and was accepted to both Taiwan National University and PKU, but chose the latter after being disappointed with his home province’s education system (detailed in his first book).

Other items on the front page:

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