Jiangsu’s exam cheater ousted


Modern Express, July 6, 2010

The Modern Express (现代快报) is a Xinhua-run daily published out of Jiangsu province. Today, it revealed that Jiangsu’s high-scoring paper is actually a high-class forgery; the news was in relation to the college entrance examination results. The Chinese phrasing juxtaposes “high score” (高分) with the close-sounding “high-class forgery” (高仿).

The writer which the student supposedly “plagiarized” is Li Hanrong (李汉荣), whose original essay, “Mahogany Floor of the Brazilian Amazon” (巴西亚马逊红木地板) was copied by the student for his examination essay on “Green Living.” There are similar lines in the essay, such as the beginning of the essay, the beginning of the first paragraph and the beginning of the second paragraph; the student only occasionally copied wording to begin a paragraph. The writer, however, does not mind: “We can’t blame the kid for his kind of thing.” The writer cites societal pressure for exams and also that the student was actually a good writer.

The picture of the man on the page is of actor Jia Hongsheng (贾宏声), who killed himself by jumping from his window last night. The incident happened at his home in Chaoyang district, which he shared with parents. The actor was in Lou Ye’s Suzhou River and Zhang Yang’s Quitting as well as several other classic films of the ’90s - but Jia has been called the first man to admit his drug abuse in the mainland entertainment circle. He also referred to himself as “Lennon’s son” and had a deep-rooted passion for rock music and was prone to depression.

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