Anti-CNN, by the people and for the people

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The Beijing News
March 28, 2008

A new real estate regulation

The top headline is about a new real estate regulation promulgated by the Beijing Municipal Construction Bureau intended to protect certain rights of people who own apartments, and give them legal means to deal with dodgy developers and property management companies.

Ship sails into bridge

The big photo on the front page is about a ship that collided with a bridge in Taizhou (台州), Zhejiang Province. Four people are still missing, but no deaths have been reported yet.

Big brother Chen on trial

The former mayor of Shanghai, Chen Liangyu (陈良宇), is on trial in Tianjin. He has been charged with taking bribes, abuse of power, and negligence.

Protesters playing mischief with Olympic flame prosecuted

Three protesters from Reporters Without Borders were charged with unruly behavior for disturbing the Olympic lighting ceremony in Greece.

Skeleton in the wall

A woman was killed by her ex-husband in Shijingshan (石景山), Beijing. Her body parts were later found built into a wall by the murderer.

Stories on other pages:


• Fighter jet fried chicken

The photo above is from the society section of the newspaper, and shows the sign of a small fried chicken shop. With the slogan “the fighter jet of fried chicken” the store also aims to “Punch McDonald’s, kick KFC, and serve the people with fried chicken.”

• China hopes EU does not send the Dålai Låma “wrong signals”.

• Anti-CNN, by the people and for the people

Qin Gang, Spokesman of the the Foreign Ministry said that the website was not funded by China government. Instead, it was a spontaneous condemnation by the people of the Western media. Mr Qin also pointed out that the Western media are responsible for the problem because of their irresponsible, unethical and distorted coverage on Tibet.

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