An innovative use of pigeon blood


Metropolitan Express
July 30, 2009

Hangzhou police busted a prostitution ring selling virginity to customers at premium prices.

Nine people were arrested, among them five young women ranging in age from late teens to early twenties. A 20-year-old man originally from Sichuan and identified by the surname Dong performed cooking duties and also prepared the tools by which the prostitutes faked their virginity.

According to Dong’s confession, his methods included cutting a scrubber sponge into rough cylinders the size of a man’s thumb. Then he would snip a pigeon wing and collect the blood, and then dip the sponge into it until it fully absorbed. The blood-soaked sponges would be sealed in plastic bags and stored in the fridge.

Dong made 10 to 20 such capsules every day because the blood clotted easily.

A young woman named Cui was responsible for instructing the prostitutes in the use of the capsules and in how to dispose of them afterward without the customer noticing.

The women, who confessed that they had lost their virginity before they entered the profession, charged 5,000 yuan per customer per visit. Their boss took 60% of the proceeds and left the rest to be divided up between the prostitutes and whoever introduced the customer.

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