A blog that translates “whatever is interesting”

In the world of China blogs, it is our firm position that there can never be enough translation from Chinese sources. There are more translation blogs now than than there ever have been, but they represent just a tiny fraction of the information that’s posted online in Chinese every day. So it’s always a pleasure to stumble upon a new blog that brings more of that writing to an English-language audience.

Veggie Discourse, written by someone known only as PH, is a translation blog that was started in September 2009. Subtitled “cultures, movies, music, books, and whatever is interesting,” it frequently serves up the unexpected: sometimes it will feature a translation of an important article on one of the week’s hot news stories, but just as often it will uncover a local story that hasn’t been covered anywhere else. Sprinkled in the mix are posts on culture, literature, and technology.

Danwei has linked to Veggie Discourse posts a number of times; here’s a further selection of the variety of subject matter that draws the blogger’s interest:

In addition, the “Blogs I Read” section on the sidebar is an excellent resource for additional reading material in both Chinese and English.

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