China could have superpowers

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Possibly rain-free!

This morning, the insightful headline story on Xinhua and the China Daily read: “Opening ceremony could be rain-free.” The article explains “the chance of rain during the opening ceremony is slimmer than reported earlier, but thunderstorms, high temperatures and muggy skies still pose a threat to the Beijing Olympics.”

But don’t worry, if the weather becomes uncooperative there is a Plan B. Xinhua and China Daily report the Chinese government is also prepared to “artificially change weather for Olympics.”

The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart learned of the Chinese plan to control the weather last month. On the 25th of May he did a very funny three minute segment on the Beijing Olympics where he commented on China’s weather control project, the government’s effort to “render Beijing’s air hospitable to human life,” and a Fox news report on Olympic squat toilets. You can view the excerpt below.

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