BBC busted for outdated China oppression image

Journalist and blogger Thomas Crampton is now posting some of his work on Danwei.

The anti-CNN community busted the BBC for using a photo on July 29 showing Chinese police looking at a monitor that has been used by the BBC on multiple stories reaching back to at least August 26, 2000.

An example of stock photo usage gone wrong. (Or perhaps they couldn’t get any more policemen to pose in front of computer screens.)

Sadly, Internet censorship remain very much up to date in China, even if suspended for a few foreign journalists visiting for the Olympics.

One comment:

We use LCD screens now, how could a photo with such an old monitor be called news? Do they think we haven’t been developing here these past eight years? They can’t even make fake news properly!

Hat Tip to John Kennedy and ZonaEuropa

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