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Luxury cars of Golden Treasure Street

Danwei’s Beijing offices are on Jinbao Street (金宝街). “Jinbao” means “golden treasure”, a tacky new name with no history: the street is the brainchild of real estate developer Chen Lihua, who is the subject of the chapter titled “The Rich … Continue reading

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BMW spontaneous combustion

Information Times (信息时报): Today’s Information Times reported that a BMW car burst into flames and exploded on the road yesterday in Baiyun district, Guangzhou.

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Buffalo BMW protest

The July 16’s Southern Metropolis Daily reported on a woman in Guangzhou who hitched her BMW to a water buffalo and led the beast around downtown to protest the car company’s refusal to replace her defective car.

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Spring Festival wordplay

A BMW ad with numbers hidden in characters, and a Microsoft tool for making couplets.

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