Liu Xiang’s comeback, brought to you by Amway


Southern Metropolis Daily
September 21, 2009

Liu Xiang’s back!

China’s champion hurdler, who withdrew from the Beijing Olympics with a foot injury thirteen months ago, finished second in a photo-finish at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix. Both Liu and winner Terrence Trammell clocked times of 13.15 seconds.

Liu’s performance exceeded expectations, and his return to racing was heralded by triumphal headlines in many of today’s newspapers.

Amway’s got to be pleased. Liu endorses Nutrilite, the company’s line of dietary supplements. Half-page ads for the brand appeared on the front page of a dozen papers today, including the Southern Metropolis Daily. Compare that cover to the Xi’an Evening News, Beijing Times, Wuhan Evening News, or Daily Sunshine.

The ad slogan: “Clap Liu Xiang’s hands for new victories!” The vertical text on his hands reads “Come on! Gimme five!”


Go ahead, give him a hug to welcome him back.
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