Has SARFT gone insane?


Banned. Maybe.

SARFT‘s recent banning of Lust, Caution actress Tang Wei has caused a fuss in the entertainment industry in China and Hong Kong, and prompted Lust, Caution director Ang Lee to write a letter of protest about the blacklisting.

The ban was confirmed by a Xinhua report published this morning, titled ‘SARFT confirms media blackout on Tang Wei’.

Oddly enough, also published today is a story on CQnews.net, titled ‘SARFT denies media blackout on Tang Wei’. Translated excerpt:

SARFT Party Committee member and President of CCTV Zhao Huayong said” “There is absolutely no truth in this story that Tang Wei has been blacklisted”.

This comes in the same week that SARFT apparently issued an order to popular online video site Tudou.com to cease operations, an order that so far has been completely ignored.

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