Purported open letter from Wang Lijun

Bo Xilai (left front) and Wang Lijun

The Wang Lijun affair continues to fascinate China.

In a blog post titled Chongqing American TV drama, Han Han says he spent last night constantly refreshing the home page of the People’s Daily website, hoping to see some official announcement that would clarify what has happened to Wang Lijun, former mob busting top cop of Chongqing city.

This morning, Li Yinhe, the mild mannered sociologist best known for her fiercely liberal views on sexual freedom, posted a short note that purports to be an open letter from Wang Lijun. Below is a rough translation of Li Yinhe’s posting; the same letter is being circulated in JPG format on Weibo.

I have no way of verifying the authenticity of this letter, and in China I tend to believe that everything is fake until proved genuine. As my Danwei colleague Joel Martinsen put it, “I say 50-50 it’s as fake as Bo Yibo’s last words.”

But the letter certainly represents a view of Bo Xilai that seems to be held by many Chinese people who write on the Internet and post to Weibo.

Update: As I was publishing this, Li Yinhe’s blog post was deleted.


Li Yinhe’s note:
I don’t know the whole situation so I cannot judge it, but I am just putting Wang Lijun’s own one-sided statement out there.

My open letter to the whole world:

When everyone sees this letter, I’ll either be dead or have lost my freedom. I want to explain to the whole world the reasons behind my actions. In short: I don’t want to see the Party’s biggest hypocrite Bo Xilai carry on performing: When such evil officials ruling the state, it will lead to calamity for China and disaster for our nation.

Bo Xilai’s “Singing Red Songs” is a farce, a show designed specifically to gain him entrance to the Standing Committee. This is Bo Xilai’s “Cultural Revolution”! He is a despot who makes arbitrary decisions, hateful and ruthless. If you going along with him you’ll prosper, go against him and you’ll perish. He always forces his subordinates to use any means possible to do all kinds of unspeakable things on his behalf. If you don’t comply you are dealt with ruthlessly. He treats people like chewing gum: after a little chew, he just throws you away, and he doesn’t care whose fit you ender up under.

He is really the capo di tutti capi. He has taken over the Party, the people and the whole city of Chongqing, and turned it into his personal fiefdom. His personality is such that he will not give up the goal of become the top mob boss of China and to achieve this goal he is willing to do anything.

Bo Xilai has the reputation of being honest and upright, but he is actually corrupt to the core, conniving at his family members getting outrageously rich. I have documented these matters, and have already submitted reports to the relevant parties and I also ask that friends abroad help to circulate this letter to the world. I also hope to one day use these materials to publish a book.

Bo Xilai has ruthlessly fought his way to the top, as you can see from his struggling against his own father in the Cultural Revolution, and the way he has treated his brothers and sisters, and his ex-wife. I was willing to risk my life on his behalf, and he treated me worse than he’d treat a dog. When I first refused to his dirty work, he had my driver and other people taken away, as a threat to me.

Well, a gentleman prefers death over humiliation! I am not a hero; I am willing to give my sweat and blood for the people, but I am no longer quietly cry while working under the thumb of such an evil man. Everybody’s got to die, I am willing to use my life to expose the Bo Xilai. For the sake of ridding the Chinese system of this scourge on the people, this brazen careerist, I am willing to sacrifice everything!

Wang Lijun
February 3, 2012

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