A grand birthday present for the party

July 1 marked the 89th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

In this short video (viewable on Tudou), farmers take advantage of the Internet to accomplish an important project to mark the occasion. It has the feel of a viral ad done up in the style of a colorful piece of local news.

A transcript is below:

The past few years in our village, because of the party’s good policies,

Every household has gotten rich.

July 1, the party’s birthday, is nearly here,

Our village has decided on a special way

To offer birthday greetings to the party.

Everything from this part.

And everything from this part.

Our project requires the use of large quantities of reflective material.

In the past, you know, in such a short time,

Buying so much reflective material

Would be impossible.

But now there’s 1688.com.

Everything is easy now.

By purchasing industrial material from 1688.com

Our project proceeded smoothly.

In the end, we finished before July 1.

[Earth image]: The Party’s Policies are Yaxshi.

Yaxshi (or Yakexi 亚克西 in the Chinese transliteration) is a Uyghur word meaning “good” that came to prominence in a song-and-dance routine performed at this year’s Spring Festival Gala (see China Geeks for more information).

So: is this video a viral ad for Alibaba (1688.com)? Apple? Google Maps? Or a parody of such viral ads that just happens to take a swipe at the image of simple farmers who love the party so much it hurts?

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