France apologizes, Paris makes Dalai Lama honorary citizen

The top story on the China Daily’s website is currently:

Torchbearer invited to visit France again

French president invited Chinese torchbearer Jin Jing – who defended the Olympic torch from Tibet secessionists in Paris – to visit France again.

The story below is from the Times of India:

Paris makes Dalai Lama honorary citizen

Paris city council voted on Monday to award honorary citizenship to the Dalai Lama, in a move sure to add to tensions with China as fresh anti-French rallies erupted in cities across the country.

Carrefour must be thrilled.

See also this Shanghaiist post Anti-French, anti-Carrefour fury bubble over all across China, that describes anti-French protests around the country on the weekend.

As of 9:30 am, the Dalai Lama homorary citizen news does not seem to have made it into Chinese language reports yet.

Update Hong Kong based Wenwei Pao (文汇报) has published the story in Chinese: Dalai Lama made honorary citizen by Paris city council (thanks to Traci for the link).

Update 2: The story has made it to the news pages of gargantuan portal QQ, time-stamped 11:11 am today.

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