Woman attempts suicide jump from fifth floor, gets stuck between fourth and third floors

Sometimes suicide attempts become somewhat comical. The front page of the Modern Express (现代快报) from Jiangsu province today features a graphically illustrated story of an attempted suicide jump from an apartment complex that got stuck in mid-air, literally.

At around half-past ten on Tuesday evening, Mr Wei (韦先生) was getting ready for bed on his sixth floor apartment at Hainan Community (海南小区) in Lianyungang (连云港) in Jiangsu province, when he heard someone yelling outside his window. He ran to his balcony and saw a lot of people on the ground level all looking up in his direction. He followed their gaze and saw a shadowy figure standing swaying on the outside protective railing of an apartment on the fourth floor. He immediately knew that it was someone who wanted to jump, so he did what any man would do: he grabbed a torch and a video camera and ran downstairs.

At this point an elderly couple living in the third floor apartment also noticed some commotion outside their window, and when the old man, a Mr Sun (孙), looked out of his window, he saw the woman on the fourth floor, where a man inside the apartment was holding both her hands. Yet as Mr Sun looked on, the woman suddenly fell down from the fourth floor, but the man holding her hands held on, so she was now dangling in between the fourth and third floors.

Mr Sun saw the man straining to hold on as the woman’s life hung in the balance. He didn’t think much at this moment, he said afterwards, he just immediately gripped the woman’s legs as hard as he could to try and help the load. He couldn’t keep this up for long though, so he balanced the women’s feet on his shoulders and head. Feeling himself growing tired, he shouted down to the people watching below, asking for some young people to come up and help him. Three young men answered the call, and rushed up to Mr Sun’s apartment. Meanwhile the man on the fourth floor had also gotten some help, and between the people on the third and fourth floors, the woman was held in place, though not out of danger.

She was only finally rescued when the firefighting service pitched up, and she was lofted to safety through Mr Sun’s third floor window. The woman had hung suspended for close to half an hour between the third and fourth floors, a suicide attempt that literally got nowhere.

Links and sources
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