Zhang Jiehai: Shanghai men make the best husbands


The Beijing News
May 18, 2009

Are Shanghai husbands hen-pecked? Are people from Shanghai generally “penny-wise but pound-foolish” (精明而不聪明), and arrogant toward people from other parts of the country?

The answer is no, according to a recent study conducted by Zhang Jiehai, a Shanghai-based psychology professor. Zhang found that the popular stereotypes people hold toward people from Shanghai are unfounded, reports The Beijing News.

Zhang claimed that his research, based on surveys of 300 Shanghai residents and 380 non-residents, has overturned the negative image of Shanghainese. In addition, the surveys indicate that many western women agreed that “Shanghai men are the best husbands of the world.”

Zhang, you may recall, led the charge against “Chinabounder,” a blogger whose highly detailed posts about his affairs with Chinese women were matched only by his contempt for Chinese men.

On today’s front page is a photo of the scene an accident involving a flyover bridge in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. Yesterday’s collapse crushed 22 vehicles driving underneath, leaving at least four people dead and another fifteen injured (six and seventeen, according to other sources, including Sina).

According to the paper’s report, the collapsed bridge had been put into operation in 1995 and was taken out of service on May 5. It was scheduled for demolition on May 20.

And the flu continues to make the news: the top headline reads “Wen Jiabao visits Beijing’s H1N1 patient.” Yesterday, Wen visited Ditan Hospital where the patient, the third confirmed A(H1N1) case on the mainland, was being treated. Wen had a conversation with the quarantined patient, an 18-year-old woman who had just returned from the US, where she attends school, through closed-circuit TV.

Wen said “the motherland is the home of overseas Chinese students,” and students in epidemic zones should learn more about self-protection as well as the measures taken by China to prevent the disease from spreading.

In Chengdu, the mainland’s first confirmed case of the virus was discharged from the hospital yesterday. The 157 people who had contact with the patient were released from quarantine after no additional cases were reported.

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