Wen Jiabao said his heart hurt by rising food prices


Beijing Times, December 27, 2010

On Sunday, China’s Premier Wen Jiabao co-hosted a talk show on China National Radio, taking questions from audience through short messages, microblog messages and phone calls.

When asked about the rising food prices this year, Wen said the question “hurt his heart”. While admitting that the price rises have caused difficulty to low-income people, Wen said the he was confident that the government would get the matter under control. Wen also admitted that the execution of government’s measures to curb the housing price rises was not ideal.

In other news, a government official requested a government job for his student son caused big controversy. A note circulating on the Internet indicates that Cao Changqiang, director of the local human resources bureau in Lengshuijiang, Hunan Province, requested that his son to be given a position at the city’s financial bureau. The application was approved and signed by both the city’s mayor and party secretary, despite the son was still a junior at university.

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