Today’s dose of the paranormal: Stargates and UFOs


Yangtse Evening Post, November 26, 2010

Right below a top headline about a Xinhua editorial condemning the situation that leads to poor engineering projects, today’s Yangtse Evening Post fulfills its responsibility to educate the public and quash rumors by clearing up some misconceptions about a “Stargate” in the Gulf of Aden:

Internet users have recently been concerned with news about a “Gulf of Aden Stargate.” Rumors claim that as early as December 9, 2009, a spiral of blue light, like a computer-generated image, suddenly appeared in the sky over northern Norway. About a month after the spiral disappeared, a massive magnetic field that appeared in the Gulf of Aden opened up a wormhole or “Stargate.” The rumor said that the multinational military escort in the Gulf of Aden, ostensibly there to fight Somali pirates, is actually working to explore the Stargate and distant galaxies a million light years away.

Professor Wang Sichao of the Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory, an authority on UFO research in China, said of the phenomenon: “The ‘Stargate’ theory is not credible. It has no basis in astronomy or the facts.”

Reports state that on December 9, the entire northern part of Norway could see a peculiar phenomenon. A blue spiraling light suddenly appeared in the sky, looking like it was a computer-generated image. Simultaneously, a blue ray of light shot out from behind a mountain and began to revolve. After a few seconds, the massive spiral covered practically the entire sky. Then a ray of green light shot out from the spiral’s center. Between ten and twelve minutes later, the spiral disappeared. This “Stargate” opens up a wormhole through which humanity can travel through time.

Rumors revolve around Aaron McCollum, a self-identified former group leader with the U.S. Coast Guard, who alleges that a multinational military force is exploring the Stargate in the guise of fighting Somali pirates. Other rumors allege that NASA recently released information about a new black hole to divert attention from the Stargate.

Wang Sichao told the newspaper that although the blue spiral in Norway was quite likely a spiral UFO, the magnetic vortex in the Gulf of Aden was most certainly not a Stargate.

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