Good and bad news for food safety


Shenyang Evening News, February 18, 2011

Leather scraps are not being added to milk to boost protein content, the Ministry of Agriculture said yesterday.

In the upper right corner of its front page, the Shenyang Evening News reports the Ministry’s denial of rumors about “leather milk” that have been circulating this week.

However, although milk may be safe, you might want to stay away from beef ligaments, which unscrupulous merchants have been treating with a mixture of formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide to double their weight. Police busted a processing center and arrested three people for producing more than 20 tons of the adulterated ligaments since last June and shipping them to markets in Fushun and Dalian, Liaoning Province.

There is no mention of caustic soda in the article, despite its appearance in the front page photo.

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