The Mouse looms over Shanghai


Xinhua Daily Telegraph
November 5, 2009

Disney is coming to Shanghai.

The Shanghai government announced yesterday that its proposal for a Disney theme park in the city had been approved by the central government. Today’s Xinhua Daily Telegraph announced the news with a front-page cover image of a woman pedaling down a street in rural Pudong, where the project will be located.

An inset photo shows a reporter taking a shot of a village committee notice concerning land rights for the project.

A flashy graphic that Xinhua prepared for its feature on the Disney story ran on the cover of a number of papers, including Taiyuan’s San Jin City News (above right), Ningbo’s Southeast Business, and the Jinan Evening News.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Disney and the Shanghai municipal government jointly submitted plans in January to build a $3.59-billion park to open as early as 2014. It would be the entertainment giant’s fourth theme park outside the U.S., after Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong — and the first in mainland China, the fastest-growing mass market in the world.

The Chinese central government approved a broad agreement, outlining the legal and financial framework for the park. The decision clears the way for Disney and Shanghai to work out detailed plans for building and operating the park, addressing such issues as subway and road access to the park as well as finances.

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