Land compensation dispute ends in murder?


The Beijing News
July 4, 2008

Today’s Beijing News reported a violent death of a farmer in Ligezhuang, a village of Beijing’s suburban Miyun county. The big image on the front page of the newspaper shows the son of the dead man crying on his knees.

Wang Zaiying was found dead in front of his torn-down house on the morning of July 3. According to an eyewitness, he was chased and beaten by three unidentified men.

It is believed Wang’s death has to do with an on-going demolition project for further real-estate development in his village. Villagers were asked to give away their houses on terms that they wouldn’t accept. Wang for one refused to sign the contract. Nevertheless, on May 1, his house was torn down. Wang had been keeping vigil outside of the ruins of his house since then.

Wang’s son believes that the village leader was the real murderer: “These guys were sent by the village Party secretary, because my father wouldn’t sign the contract.” The newspaper says that the village secretary has been taken away by the police for further investigation.

A villager confirmed that some villagers who refused to accept the compensation plan had their windows broken and had bricks thrown at them.

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