492 meter Shanghai skyscraper opens to public on Saturday

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Shanghai Morning Post
August 27, 2008

Shanghai’s World Financial Center will be open to the public from this Saturday, August 30.

Today’s Shanghai Morning Post printed a photo showing a view of the Bund from a floor near the top of the 492.3 meter skyscraper. The World Financial Center’s outdoor observation deck is said to be the highest in the world.

In other news from the Shanghai Morning Post, the city has introduced a new measure to deal with the jaywalkers and other unruly pedestrians. Videos and photos taken by traffic cameras of pedestrians who break traffic rules will be broadcast on local TV stations. The police hope that the new policy will help people be more aware of the importance of traffic rules.

Also on the front page of the paper, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in a regular news conference yesterday that “America should educate its citizens to abide by the laws of other countries” referring to the American pro-Tibetan protesters who were arrested in Beijing and deported during the Olympic Games.

Qin was also reported as quoting Abraham Lincoln’s 1861 inaugural speech “in view of the Constitution and the laws, the Union is unbroken” to stress the inseparability of China and Tibet.

shanhai's world financial center.jpg

A breathtaking view of Shanghai from the World Financial Center

Southern Metropolis Daily
August 27, 2008

A chemical factory in Yizhou, Guangxi Autonomous Region had an explosion yesterday that caused 16 deaths and wounded another 60 people. Several newspapers reported the news today, including the Southern Metropolis Daily. Thousands of people living nearby have been evacuated as a precaution against toxic leakage from the explosion. The authorities concluded that a “production accident” as the cause of the explosion.

Also in the Southern Metropolis Daily, Liu Xiang made his first public appearance after his controversial withdrawal from the Olympic Games. He took part in a celebration ceremony held for China’s Olympic team in the Great Hall of the People yesterday. A Xinhua article described Liu as behaving “like a flamingo, trying to hide his head in the water” during the meeting.

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