Chinese newspapers trumpet Obama’s victory

Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain in the US presidential election made the front page of most Chinese newspapers today:


In the tank

Some of the more eye-catching headlines:

  • Dongguan Times: “America’s First Black President” (many variations in other papers)
  • Information Times: “‘Dark Horse’ Enters White House” (also in Liaoshen Evening News and City Lady)
  • Xiamen Business Daily: “Will Chinese Benefit with a Black Man in Charge?”
  • Modern Express: “The Kiss of Victory” with a photo of Obama and his wife (also in Xinhua’s Modern Money)
  • Shenyang Evening News: “Obama: Change has come” (in English)
  • Southern Metropolis Daily: “America ‘Changes Colors'”
  • Qianjiang Evening News: “Obama Plans Change for America”
  • Chengdu Evening News: “Obama Wins; Change Comes to America”
  • Chongqing Evening News: “Black American Becomes Boss”
  • Zhengzhou Evening News: “Obama YES”
  • Chinese Business View: “America Enters Era of Change”
  • Peninsula Metropolis Daily: “Obama: America’s New Boss”
  • Chongqing Times: “Change, I Can”

Many newspapers included a subhead that mentioned President Hu Jintao’s congratulatory remarks; some, like the Beijing Morning Post, ran that bit of news as their top headline for the day.

As the Xiamen Business Daily headline indicates, articles on the election results addressed issues that Chinese readers would be particularly interested in, such as the overseas Chinese experience in American politics and Obama’s plans for Sino-US relations once he is inaugurated on January 20.

For more on China’s reaction to Obama’s win, see The China Beat.

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