No ‘puppy love’ allowed for outstanding students at Chongqing school

Chongqing Shangbao 4 Sep 12

Chinese schools opened again yesterday after the summer holiday, yet as the front page of the Chongqing Shangbao (重庆商报) reports today, when high school students at the Bashu (巴蜀) Middle School in Chongqing arrived for class yesterday, they were confronted with an unexpected new development. In addition to the conventional graduation certificate, anyone desiring to be an “outstanding” student is now able to obtain a special certificate to that effect that is unique to Bashu Middle School – as long as they refrain from “puppy love.”

When students sat down for the first class of the new term, they were told that anyone engaging in “puppy love” (早恋) (i.e. frolicking with other students) will not be able to obtain the special certificate, and neither would anyone not showing filial piety to their parents or anyone who cannot sing the school song. Other big no-no’s include cheating in exams, not respecting teachers, smoking and drinking, appearing extravagant and wasteful, and just being too close to the opposite sex. All this, according to the school, is to give the students a comprehensive education and proper personal development.

In addition to the requirements outlined above, “outstanding” students aiming to obtain the special certificate must also take and pass all the optional academic courses on offer, must show prowess in sports, and must ardently love (热爱) the school itself. And if anyone somehow thought getting one of these certificates was going to be easy, candidates will have to complete three years of adhering to all the conditions above, and then follow a rigorous application and vetting process that includes their class and group leaders as well as the school president.

Getting this special certificate, however, will not help students in any way with their college entrance exams (高考), but they will have earned the entirely honorary designation of being an “outstanding” student at Bashu Middle School.


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