Chongqing’s fattest man

The top headline in today’s Chongqing Times: “Chongqing’s fattest man – how did he get that way?” The accompanying picture features this man riding an escalator wearing a too-small shirt that exposes his belly, and another man behind him surreptitiously taking a photo on his cell phone. The editors were also kind enough to publish this man’s measurements on the front page in large type: 1.65 meters tall, and 342 jin(171 kilograms or about 377 pounds).

Here is the newspaper’s front-page summary of how this man, referred to as “scientist Ding,” gained weight: Now 38 years old, he weighed just three to four kilograms at birth. In his early teens, he maintained a normal weight. After he was 22 and married, he started gaining weight and came to weigh around 90 kilograms. At age 34, he was hospitalized for high blood pressure, but once he left the hospital his weight started to skyrocket. In four years, he reached his current weight of 171 kilograms.

The article says he is now determined to lose weight and describes some of his medical tests, as well details about his daily life and the burden that his weight has posed on his family. It has become almost impossible to live a normal life, and he has now turned to medical treatment to get his body under control. He says his greatest wish is to mend his broken relationship with his wife.

Where they used to have money, his weight prevented him from working and their wealth quickly declined. His wife had to do manual work to support the family. She wanted a divorce but some powerful family member opposed it. Now he requires assistance for everything, and even his 12 year-old son and 14 year-old daughter are forced to help him with everything from getting food to taking a bath. The daughter may even drop out of school to help earn money for his medical costs.

He cannot do much more than spend his days sitting, sleeping, eating and watching TV. He has to wear custom-made shoes and pants, and use a rope for a belt since no belt will fit him. Shirts are too small and expose his belly. In the past, most cars were too small to fit him, and he could only wrap the seatbelt around his arm. When he sits in a car, the vehicle’s center of gravity is visibly offset.

Last Friday, he had weight reduction surgery and now weighs 100 kilograms.

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Chongqing Times: 重庆第一胖丁科学 

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