Charter flights to Egypt to bring back Chinese citizens


The Beijing Times, February 1, 2011

The Beijing Times‘ front page features a large photo of an Air China plane at Capital Airport in Beijing. The plane is apparently one of the charter flights the government is currently sending to Egypt to bring back Chinese citizens who were in the north African country when the mass demonstrations started.

The article does not mention the fuss kicked up on the Internet yesterday (see Weibo posting, in Chinese) after it emerged that a group of Chinese film industry officials and business people were put on the first plane, leaving a group of primary school children behind.

The top headline on the front page is “Blood alcohol tests not the only admissible evidence of drunk driving”. The article concerns people who are stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving and then run away, only to turn themselves in after they have sobered up.

The article quotes a supreme court judge saying that witness testimony about a suspect’s consumption of alcohol, drunken behavior or the strong smell of alcohol on his or her person may also be admissible as evidence of drunk driving.

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