Fred Phelps vs. China


The mad preacher takes on China

Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr. is a crazy Baptist preacher from Kansas. His church has less than 100 members, mostly his blood relatives.

They are all obsessively homophobic, and are well known in the U.S. for slogans such as “God hates fags” and “Thank God for 9/11”. They also run a website at and They enjoy picketing military funerals where they make the point that U.S. soldiers are doomed and cursed because America is so gay.

Somehow, one of Phelps’ daughters stumbled upon China Daily columnist Raymond Zhou’s opinion pieces in which he examines apparently homophobic statements by actor Sun Haiying.

Soon after, Shirley L Phelps-Roper left a comment on Zhou’s blog that includes the following:

Dear Raymond

The very day that Godless China decriminalized the filthy manner of life of the homosexual, they brought wrath upon themselves. God hates China and all her perverse people! You have kicked the standard of God to the curb and you have set about to put your own form of righteousness into place and it is worthless! It is like filthy used tampons!…

…America is doomed!

China is doomed! …

… But you Raymond have a never-dying soul! If you have any interest in it, you will shut your blasphemous mouth and read every word on the;; and watch the excellent videos of three kinds on the page and coming soon,! GET A BIBLE RAYMOND, crack and read it every day – OBEY the commandments of your God and beg HIM for forgiveness with a sincere heart, or you are going to hell and there is NOTHING you can do about it!

Have a nice day!

Never mind WTO, the Olympics etc., attracting the ire of the mad Phelps clan is a true sign of China’s emergence onto the world stage.

However, does not seem to work yet.

UPDATE: Raymond Zhou corrects us: Ms Phelps did not leave a comment on his blog; the text reproduced above is from an email that she wrote to him, one of more than one hundred he received from outside China, most of which sided with Sun Haiying.

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