African Boots of Beijing

African Boots of Beijing, a 2006 documentary by Luke Mines and Jeremy Goldkorn about an African football team in Beijing, is now online. Also on Youtube.

The soundtrack music is listed in order below: please support these artists by buying their music on Amazon or iTunes.

Skillz by Dare Alade & Trybesman

Na Flash by Timi

Shakara by Fela Kuti

Beng Beng by Fela Kuti

Shine by Aswad

Gentleman by Fela Kuti

Blackman Know Yourself by Femi Kuti

Meda Lay by Tebebu

Mhla’uphel’ Amandla by Malaika

No No No by Aswad

Tu Me Manques by Henry Diboula

On Entre O.K., On Sorte K.O. by Franco

Aki Special by Mbarga, Prince Nico

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