The authentic South African experience, with Huang Jianxiang


Huang Jianxiang is an authentic South African (click for larger scan version)

Above is an ad for Sina’s coverage of the upcoming World Cup football competition in South Africa that appeared in today’s Beijing News.

The copy reads:

Sina gives you 100% original, authentic 2010 South Africa World Cup

Huang Jianxiang and Li Changpeng lead exclusive original commentating teams; 64 videos of 64 matches; Milu and other celebrities blogging and microblogging; enjoy every moment!

The photo shows football commentator Huang Jianxiang wearing what appears to be Native American headdress and with his skin darkened by some kind of PhotoShop blackface.

Huang has a controversial history: see Danwei links below for more. For Africa stereotypes in China, see Danwei’s African Billboards of Beijing video.

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