Another appeal from Jimmy Wales


City Evening News, December 3, 2010

Anyone who has used Wikipedia over the past few weeks will recognize the man staring out from the cover of the City Evening News.

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, is appearing in banner ads with a “personal appeal” on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation, calling for users to donate to the project.

In the City Evening News advertisement, Wales appeals to reader on behalf of Maurice Lacroix, a Swiss timepiece brand. “Free access to the sum of all human knowledge, some called it impossible, I call it Wikipedia,” reads the ad copy.

The paper’s top headline reports that Russia has been awarded the right to host the 2018 World Cup.

Today’s other big story, not carried on the front page, involves the release of Wang Peng, a resident of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, who had been arrested by police from Ningxia Province after he claimed that a civil servant had obtained his position through back-door channels. Wang’s arrest incensed free-speech advocates; two officials in charge of the Ningxia police force have been dismissed.

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