Chinese protesters extinguish Olympic torch in protest?

As reported by Asia Sentinel, the Olympic torch has apparently been extinguished by local Chinese protesters while making the rounds in Shenzhen earlier today. Despite efforts to find local sources collaborating details of the story, nothing has turned up on the Chinese Internet. Pictures, video, and text all seem to have been effectively harmonized. Asia Sentinel has told Danwei it has and is preparing video footage of the incident for release.


See the comment by Spelunker below for an eye witness account.


Asia Sentinel has undated its original story with a long-awaited video of the purported incident of local Chinese crowds extinguishing the Olympic torch in protest. However, the video doesn’t appear to support the story’s original claim.


The latest from Asia Sentinel on its original story, quoted from its website: “Asia Sentinel is removing our story on the seizure of the Olympic torch in Shenzhen from the website. Although it was supplied by a heretofore reliable Chinese reporter who obtained the details and video from a Chinese eyewitness, we have determined that it is not sufficiently verifiable. We apologize.”

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